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Fence Contractor Near me

Q: I'm ready to schedule the Iron fence, wood fence installation, what are the next steps?

A: We require a 25% deposit for new jobs and a 50% deposit for repairs and special order materials in order to schedule work. You can pay your deposit with a check or a credit card.

Q: Will my new fence be started and finished in one day?

A: Because we set our posts in wet concrete, we have to give the concrete time to fully cure before we can put up the remainder of your fence. Under ideal circumstances, we can finish your fence a few days after the posts are set.

Q: How soon can my new fence be put in?

A: During slower months, we can usually book your job in the next work week. However, during busier summer months, we may have a 2-3 week lead time for new work.

Q: Does the salesman survey our yard to find our property lines?

A: No, our salesman do not have the tools necessary to perform a survey. If you want to put your fence right on your property line and need a survey, you can call ARE Surveying Company at (512) 978-4000 and ask for a stake or pinned survey.

Q: Who calls to have the utilities located?

A: We do! We take care of calling for utility locates on every job that we do, so you don't need to worry about doing that.

Q: What day will my fence be put up?

A: A lot of variables affect the scheduling of every fence we install, from weather, to material shipments, to unforeseen circumstances such as digging in hard or rock-filled dirt. We give every job a "work week," or a range of days from Monday to Friday, and do our very best to install the fence within that time period.

Q: What happens if the crew gets hurt while working on my property?

A: Because we do NOT subcontract out fence jobs and have insurance coverage, our insurance company takes care of any injuries that our crews may sustain while working.

Q: Does Anchor Fence repair fences that they didn't install?

A: Most of the time we can repair fences that were built by another company. However, some companies use uncommon hardware or materials that are not compatible with what we use and we cannot bid on the repair of the fence.

Q: How long do you install fences?

A: We install fences all year long! In the Winter, projects can move a little slower because we want to make sure that we do a good job, but we install fences all winter long.

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